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    I'm relaxing in the food court of the snappy shopping center over a Saturday with a pad of paper. What am I doing? Counting the amount of people are wearing t-shirts, which kind of t-shirt they're wearing, and about what their ages are. This can be my 4th Saturday conducting this survey at 4 different malls.

    Before I began carrying this out "t-shirt survey" in the malls in Dallas, I was expecting about 30-35% of your companion could be wearing a t-shirt. Was I ever wrong. I really didn't know exactly how popular t-shirts actually are.

    First, who is wearing t-shirts? I counted when using about 4,000 progressed 30 days with this survey. In total, about 60-65% were wearing t-shirts - twice my expectations! There was clearly a variance from the age ranges. For those under 25-years-old, about 80-85% wore t-shirts. For those 25 to Age forty, about 60% wore t-shirts. And, for all those over 40, about 35% wore t-shirts.

    While I expected young crowd to be wearing tshirts, some tips i has not been expecting were those ages 35 - 50 putting them on. These are mostly parents, business owners, and maybe a couple of grandparents. Many of their tshirts were sports or college tshirts, or even a brand name like Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, or Polo - nothing crude of obnoxious.

    Second, what type of t-shirts were they wearing? I rarely saw exactly the same t-shirt twice. There were funny t-shirts, animal t-shirts, Christian t-shirts, patriotic t-shirts, and all sorts of kinds of novelty t-shirts. And, I wasn't surprised to find out several crude or offensive ones in the mix either.

    Youngsters, those between 5 and 12-years-old, wore a lot of tshirts. That population was nearer to 90%. Many of them had some sort of "cute" picture or slogan (just like a Disney tshirt), or something regarding sports. Most teenagers and college students wore tshirts that seem to match closely using identity.

    Above all else, it became apparent that wearing a tshirt can be a way to express oneself. Whether supporting a sports team, an excellent, or country, people wear tshirts to convey themselves making a statement. But, many people use them just because it looks good, it's trendy, and they're comfortable. The t-shirt industry is a massive business. As i not have the exact statistics, it constructed 60% of the tops worn at the stores around Dallas, TX during the last Four weeks.

    After arriving home, what did I truly do? I went to my dresser, opened the drawer, and counted about 25 t-shirts of my own, personal. I wear my alma mater tshirt and sat into watch the baseball playoffs.

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